Friday, November 13, 2015

Six Flag Season Pass

Around October DH friend mentioned to us that Six Flag Great Adventure is having a special on season passes. All you have to do is buy a one pass ticket, go to the membership area and upgrade it to season pass for the rest of 2015 and the entire 2016 season for $20.00.

Yes, DH said. For $20.00 a person why not. Hey we are a family of seven and any savings is acceptable to us. On October 31, 2015 we did just that. Our children was very happy. We (DH & I was not very happy that they take finger print now than having your picture printed on the pass card itself. We were against with the photo also before but now it got worst.) Oh well, if we don't feel safe enough we can always stop going there.

So, whom among you got the season pass so cheap? Next year, depending on how everything works, we might do the same thing. We also got the meal deal they offer. One visit for us pays for the meal already. With the prices of food they have, the best way to go is the meal pass.

If you didn't get it this year (I think they are still doing it, check at the gate. You can't find it online.), you can try next year. I bet they do it every year. Good luck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DD Doodles

This started when she saw me drew something while I was sick on the couch. I drew my colloidal silver bottle on the coffee table. She said, "how come I can't draw anything like it." I smiled and told her, all you need is practice. And then every time she has nothing better to do she grabs a notebook and pencil and draw.

Now her drawing looks so much better than mine. Way to go DD. I am so proud of you.

She said, "I still can't draw a person's face," example below. Keep practicing DD, you'll get it soon enough.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Activity

Virtual piano that is. My children found a new online piano. I do find myself playing this too. Canon in D is my favorite. They have been using Synthesia for a while now and this virtual piano is new. I am ready to buy them a keyboard from Walmart but DH opt to get them a real one. Up until now came out nothing because all the one he liked either too old or too expensive.

I am hoping that we can finally find one before our vacation in December. The closest piano store from us is like an hour and half drive away from us. He found one a week ago, the seller can move it we only pay for the fuel. I don't know DH did not contacted the seller. It was an old baby grand piano. In tune and less used the seller said. Crossing my fingers and hopefully he finally find one that we can actually buy and move to our house.