Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At Least We Try

I've been reading so many websites who supports Ron Paul candidacy. And then there are people that comes there who are neo-conservative in my opinion and say "he will never win, why bother voting for him". Did you ever think that maybe we have a chance? If all of these people who thinks this way vote for him maybe we have a chance. All we can do is try, and get the message across that we know what is going on in our own country.

The citizens of this America is becoming lazier every day. They like having less responsibility in exchange for being free (are you really free). They don't care to lose their freedom. They don't care if they have less say about their children future. Oh yes, they are getting an education no doubt. But are they getting the education you want for them. No, they are getting mold to become a law abiding citizens of our government. They are being mold to become dependent to our government. I want my children to become a constitution abiding citizens.

Why is the government have a lot of say about everyone else's business? Because we let them do what ever they want. Why do they care about animal abuse? Those things are not their job. Their job is simply to govern the country, not the people and definitely not every living things in this world.

People care less because the government is taking control of everything. And for those who doesn't care, you are the automaton of the government. They tell you to jump, instead of asking why, you say how high. Think for yourself ones, give your brain exercise once in a while.


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