Friday, May 30, 2008

Custom Magnets

Since my husband and I been together we really haven’t celebrate our birthday’s with a party. We are saving all the parties for our kids. Plus we don’t have that much friends to invite if we have a party for ourselves. And we both agree that on our 40th (I know we are almost there) we are going to have a party and invite everyone that we know. By the way we have almost the same birthday, only a day apart and the same year too. And we got married right after our birthdays. So, we can have all three events in one party. How neat is that?

Our custom party invitations will say “come join us in celebration of our 40th birthday and 11 years of marital bliss”, we will take no for an answer (laugh). We will add our picture when we turn 40 and a wedding picture printed on the cards. And each guest will take home save the date magnets as a reminder that you save the date just to come to our party.

If you need anything printed check this VistaPrint. They have a wide selection of printing services including: business cards, checks, announcement and they also do rubber stamps and car magnets. You can have it done with your custom logo or VistaPrint own design. Either way you get the quality you deserve.