Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ENGOBI Energy Go Bites

I don’t know what is it with munchies while catching some sun and weaves at the beach? Every time we go to the beach I had to have some kind of chips. It doesn’t matter if its potatoes, corns, prawns or calamari flavor. I like munching on those while at the beach.

And talking about munchies have you heard about ENGOBI? This is the love child of caffeine and snack chips. This is a new snack chips available in our local convenience store as of last month. They are also having an ENGOBI’s Guitar Hero video contest, where fans can upload their videos playing the games at You could cool prizes including a game-customized Fender Strat. They will touring the East Coast in May make sure you watch out for them. Check it out for more information.