Friday, May 30, 2008

Identity Protection

Both my husband and I are fed up with all this credit score crap. And guess what, if we don't have this social security system (who by the way is own by another corporation in America that has nothing to do with our government and collecting money from hard working Americans) no one can steal our identity and use it to scam business to begin with. If I can't buy something I don't need companies lending me money because I have a credit score. What happen to "companies lend you money because they know you personally and they know you can pay it back. I would like it to be in personal basis. And I definitely like paying high interest rate so that I can buy luxury things. Paying a complicated surgery to save your life is worth it, but no. My husband and I stop using credit as soon as we figure out that we don't really need them, all we need is a stable job to support ourselve.

And for those of you who wanted to protect your identity check lifelock online. You probably seen a few commercial on TV about this. This is what I am saying, the credit reporting agencies are supposed to protect our identity. So, how in the world other people can get a hold of our social security? Because they are not doing their job, I will not be surprised if they are selling our identity for money. And why are they saying bad things with the competition like Lifelock? I will tell you why...because that means it's less money for them. And that my friends are my opinion.