Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Official

My whole family is sick with cold, cough and sore throat. Vitamin C companies will earn a lot more from us this week he he he. My DD have a light fever from all of these and missed school today. Last Friday I got a note from my 1st grader that they are having tea party in his class today and parents and siblings are invited. But we couldn't go because I don't think his teacher would appreciate if my others DC's and myself are sick and visiting her class room. I was thinking my son will be the only child with no parents there right now. I feel so bad.

Anyway, tomorrow my DD who will start kindergarten this year have an appointment in the same school for a tour. I didn't call the school yet, hoping she will feel better by tomorrow and make it there.

DH is not in the best of health today either. But he choose to go to work, knowing he will feel better once he start sweating. I'm feeling dizzy since last night and thought I just needed extra sleep but I was wrong. I am drinking a lot of water, vitamin C and MonaVie, hoping to get over this thing soon.

I'm off to open some windows and get this house air out and let all the germs fly out :)