Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost A Friend

DH came home last night late. I didn't even hear his truck full in the driveway. He was off work Monday and Tuesday. Monday because it was a holiday and Tuesday because his supervisor think it would rain.

I was sleeping in my DS's bedroom awaken by my 2nd DS complaining of an ear ache. I couldn't do anything but assure him that we are going to the doctor today. I was so thankful because he was able to go back to sleep and did not wake up until morning.

Let's get back to my title here. When I was done with him, I went to my/our (hub & I) bedroom he got this look that he always give me when I've done something wrong. Mind you I was awaken not awake and this is what I saw. He was looking at something online with that expression on his face.

To be continue.....