Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuation from the post below

I am the one who are not over about the whole thing. I almost lost him about having some guy friends from my high school and he didn't like it because we chat on YM. That was a year ago and over with. I don't chat with them anymore. Now he is the one who added a few ladies on his social network and always send him messages. He told me that he never answer to them but talk on the phone to one of them for an hour or so at one time.

My side to this whole thing is; we almost separate because he got mad at me when I was doing it and now he is the one doing the same thing. It makes me think that the rule doesn't apply to him. He told me that he just lost his best friend and he want the connection from everyone who knows his friend. Well so far he got 3 female there and not one male. I apologize for not understanding his feelings but if he need to connect to someone he can do it with male friends not female.

I should just delete his account without sending messages to any of his friends on his account. That's what I did when when I delete mine. And I know he will blame me about something if I don't do it his way. Or I can add my name on his profile but I have a feeling that will not be enough for me.

Oh I don't know, I should stop looking at it and get it out of my mind and just think that DH love enough (he told me so) that should be enough for me. My brain is telling me to just drop it but my heart is still mad about he did to me last year. I guess my heart is not healed from last year and doing it to me makes it raw again.

For clarification my brain is fine with the whole thing.