Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fruit of My Labor

Yes, this is where I spent some of my earnings. Actually this is my forth purchase from my earning from blogging. The first is a call to my family at home thru skype. The second one is a donation to our favorite political party. The third one is 2 GB of memory for my pc and the swimming pool is my fourth.

The pool is not filled with water yet but the kids are very anxious to be in it. The water is still very cold too. I only go in there when I am sweating from working and feel very hot. Other than that I stay away.

I haven't send any money for my reunion yet, but I still have time. September is the due date for that contribution. As long as PPP is still giving me something to write I will not have any problem sending them money.

Ok, let's cool off!