Monday, June 9, 2008

Left The Car On

I got so much plan to do today. And guess what? I left my car on, not engine running on but I only used the cigarette lighter and I forgot to turn it off. Now this morning we all are ready to drop my 2nd DS to the bus stop and my van don't want to start. It's DH fault (laugh) if he hasn't got me mad yesterday, I would not go outside and take a puff of his cigarette and use the cigarette lighter in my van to light it up. I know, I need to blame someone. Well, now we are home and I need to get so much stuff today.

I need to buy some window fans for the kids bedroom for air circulation, I need to go to the farm and get a few gallon raw milk we don't have much left and I need to get DH some lunch food for work.

Stupid car unrealiable when I needed it the most (laugh). Now I have to wait for DH to get home to have my battery re-charge. What a bummer!