Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Vacation

Well, not really. We are in FL right now for the funeral of my DH bestfriend. I thought he was coming down here by himself but at the last minute change his mind and said we are all going.

I can't believe how hot is it here. I bet all the houses down here all have AC. I don't even feel like going out of the house. But I guess if we live here I will get use to it. Beat northern part of US though. I saw some farm corn yesterday coming down, I think it's somewhere in Georgia. They already have flowers and compare to my garden which is nothing coming out yet. That is the only thing i like about down south. No winter and it doesn't get very cold.

I hope I can take some picture just to say I really am in FL.


vhiel said...

enjoy your stay in FL.. never been to FL.. my husband's grandma has been wanting us to go there.. just can't find the extra money to go..

It's raining tag by the way.. and I got tag so I am tagging you. :)

if you can find some time, it is over here..
Its all about you and me


Nedekcir said...

thanks Vhiel, I will check it out as soon as I can.