Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Share a "Memorable" Vacation and Win a GPS

When my husband and I first met, we used to just drive around and decide what to do or where to go for a weekend get away. We can’t really do it now because of gas price hike these days. Anyway, we done it a few times and end up to places that we can never think of visiting. At one point we made it to Niagara Falls Canada side. I would say it was the best vacation ever. On those days we don’t have to worry if we have the proper papers to go in and out of the country. Nowadays you can’t even leave the country without a passport.

Like I said those are the days and will terribly miss. When we travel these days we make sure we have enough information about the place we are going to visit. Check sites like online travel guides to know what things we can do when we get there. We are very close to New York City and very easy to go there in a day trip so all we have to do is type Things to do in New York City online and wala instant information. You can also sign up for newsletter at Trusted Tours & Attractions and have a chance to win a handheld GPS. What are you waiting for? Visit them online and check this special promotion.