Monday, June 16, 2008

Social Network

I belong in a few social network sites. There are about 10 people from my high school days consist of men and women. My DH told me that he doesn't like that I have male friends there. So, I deleted my profile. He got mad and asked me why I deleted it. Before all of this happened he made a profile on the same network. He was actually added on mine and he was always featured on my profile. Then he feel bad and gave me his profile.

I think at the same time he made a profile on another social network. Our wedding picture is on his profile. He said he made it because of his best friend who recently passed away. After coming back from the funeral of his best friend he got 3 added female friend on his profile. I didn't say anything because I know he is still graving from his lost.

Last Friday or Saturday he got another friend request from his friend (who lives in our area) ex-girlfriend. I asked him why he approved the add, he gave an answer "because she asked". Well, isn't that the same like my high school classmates did? They asked then I approved. Then he continued with I need to get my friends' phone number from her. Which I knew about, he told while we are in Florida. I'm not sure why she didn't gave it to him then when he asked for it. There are so many twist and turn which I'm trying to figure out.

His friend and this girl was supposed to get married, they already have the date and everything. DH is supposed to be the best man. He even joke to me that I better befriend with the bride so that I would be on the wedding party too. Then DH and I become serious and his friend broke up. I told DH that the reason they broke up because DH is taken and the bride to be don't have a chance with him anymore. I know, my brain works so twisted. So, tell me another reason why they broke up as soon as they know we are getting married? Weird, I know.

Anyway, DH told me that he wanted to delete his account because it only reminds him of his best friend. And he wants me to do it, why? Because he don't want to let those 4 people know that since "I don't want my wife to have guy friends on her social network, I'm not allowed to have lady friends on mine either". Or is it, I am the man of this house and it's my rule it doesn't apply to me.

We argued, lost a week of sleep for this and I've taken a lie detector (a year ago) just to prove to him that I was not involve (and not cheating on him) with any of my high school classmates (who by the way are thousand miles away and all are married) and now the rule does not apply to him. Not to mention he almost left me because of suspicion that I cheated on him. And I prove him SO WRONG when the lie detector result came back. I am fuming! can't you tell. And then every time these ladies send him a message they always have "i love you" or "love" on the closing remarks. Mind you they live in this country (USA and my classmates lives in Asia) and one of them live half hour away. I don't do that when I send my guy friends messages. Because I know they are married and I know their wives will get mad at me if I ever say love even at the end of an email.

They are not even close from what he told me before I came along. Unless he is protecting my feeling because he knows I am very jealous. Now all of the sudden they can say love you. I told him yesterday that when I close his account I will send them the message saying "I didn't let my wife to have guy friends on her social network so I will be deleting your names on mine because it's only fair. Plus, I only made this profile because of my best friend, and since he passed on, I don't need this anymore."

This thing still makes me mad.


e2 said...

Interesting, I have no idea that social networking can put us on such trouble. Hope you both can find the best way to resolve it.

Sebastyne said...

I had a similar problem with my husband. He doesn't understand the concept of social networking in the first place. I think he doesn't see the difference between social networking and dating sites, which to me are completely different. I like talking to people, male or female, and it is angering to know that it is any kind of a problem for your spouse, as there's no reason to be jealous. Fortunately the issue hasn't come up in a long time, so hopefully he has gotten over it.