Thursday, July 24, 2008

Address Labels

Before the internet booms, I love to send out letters and cards via snail mail. And I have a quite collections of return Address Labels. For any occasion I made sure that I sent out some kind of card or just a note to greet someone. There are so many to choose from. Now with our advance technology and software I can choose a design and customize it. Or I can upload my finish designs and vista print will print it for me. Or if I don’t have time to it myself, I can let the wizard help design my labels. This would be great for cards I’ll be sending out for the holidays coming up. It is very easy to do now with the internet.

I can also choose the size I want to use like; a document trim size of 2.66”x.083” or the full bleed size of 2.78”x.094”. Plus I can use the code “Labels50” to have a 50% Off Address Labels on my orders. Printing address labels at vista print offers full color address labels, design option to suit your needs, and label for your small business. Visit the site for more information and other products that may interest you.


michelle townley said...

we usually order all of our address labels from we use to order from vista prin but they ended up charging our credit card monthly fees and kept getting junk email and postal mail