Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fast Food Lover

Cooking fast food like food at home while considering the health of your family wasn't easy. I had to stand and look at every ingredients in the pack of hotdogs or hamburgers and see which one has the less ingredients and all natural ingredients. I can see eyes rolling behind me while standing in-front of hotdogs isle.

I'm sorry but I wanted to eat hot dog too. Here is what I found and I wanted you to know that there is a brand of hot dog with no preservatives and nitrites/nitrates**. Name brand APPLEGATE FARMS: It says no antibiotic used, uncured beef hotdogs, no nitrites or nitrates added, gluten free, casein free and the meat raised with no added antibiotics, growth promotants, or animal by-products. Vegetarian grain-fed.

**Except for the naturally occuring nitrates in sea salt.

Here are the ingredients:

1. Beef
2. Water
3. Sea salt and contains less than 2% of the following:
Celery Juice
Sodium lactate (from beets)
Lactic Acid starter culture (not from milk)
Onion powder
Garlic powder

So what do you think? We can still eat hot dog when ever we want....woohoo!