Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Some Rants

I have grocery shopping for parties. As you all knew we just had one few days ago. My DH family is not very fond of Asian food. So, every time we have some kind of gathering I have to buy food that they will eat. I'm actually a fast shopper but Saturday was different. I had to read all of the ingredients, to make sure there are nothing process and I can read them all. Knowing my MIL she will not eat anything not organic. So, I bought an organic beef patties and hotdogs with no antiobiotics, uncured and nitrites or nitrates added.

Well, they came late as always. It runs in the family being late. My FIL is the only one that came in first. DH asked where his mother and his father said she is mad about something so she is in the car hiding or cooling down...maybe. She came in when it started to rain outside. Before that my DH brought a cup of coffee out to her. I would have let her dried out know mini (meanie) me. She didn't even eat anything. She probably think that I will poison her. (laugh)

Then my SIL and BF had to live early. They said they will come around 1pm, mind you they got here almost 2pm. Then they had to leave right away because they need to drop off my niece at work. We want the company we always tell them, not the gift. My DH was always on their house to any kind of gathering before we met, now they even stay a little longer. Ok, one hour is enough for you. That is how it feels like. It didn't hardly touch any food. Maybe next time I should invite some homeless people, at least I know they will stay until food are all gone. GEEZ!

I spent money for organic foods and only quarter of it are missing. I should just let them starved next time. Because we have another birthday coming on the last week of July.

Or maybe I will cook Asian food for the next birthday party. At least if no one touch it I can freeze it and eat it for a week. But I have to travel 45 minutes one way just get that kind of food. But then again I can buy a lot of food so the trip will be worth it.

Ah, who knows, let me think about it first.


Live, Laugh, Blog said...

Just wanted to say, I've visited your blog a few times through Entrecard, and every time, I think of my mother. LOL Growing up (and even today) my mother always said, "Things happen for a reason." If she's said it once, she's said it a million times. I've even caught myself saying it to my children. Just brings a smile to my face every time I see the title of your blog. Thanks for that!

Nedekcir said...

Hey you're welcome. And thank you for leaving a comment.