Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leave No Trace

Shop shield is one of the leading identity protection site you can find. They offer the most complete protection against credit card fraud, Identity theft, spam and phishing when you shop online. They will protect your credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address and log in information. And they offer random user names & passwords, anonymous email addresses, passwords management, spam, and phishing protection in short leave no trace.

How is ShopShield different from the rest, you ask? Here is how; hackers and insiders with access to customer database can’t steal your name, your credit card number, password or even your email address, because this information is never entered into the database of web sites where you shops. And the companies you buy from can’t sell your information because you never gave it to them. ShopShield replaces your information so you’re anonymous, and you information is secure, they guarantee it! How great is that!

I enjoy shopping online and this site is wonderful protecting someone like me. I don’t have to worry about my information getting stolen because I know the people at ShopShield they will check every transaction for fraud and I can continue enjoying one-click checkout and earn frequent shopper rewards. Please check them out.