Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Skin Care

Have you heard of Dr. Chantal Burnison on her breakthrough on skin-rejuvenating molecule called Ethocyn? What is Ethocyn you ask? Ethocyn is a wrinkle-reducing ingredient found on her newly launch skin care products like Nu Skin Tru Face Priming Solution. It can increase your skin’s important elastin fiber content and have the quality of a twenty year old skin. Youthful skin has higher levels of elastin, a fibrous protein that has the ability to stretch and then snap back into shape. As we age, the elastin levels of our skin decrease and losses its firmness. It also contains premocin, aminogen which is a 16 aminosan complex, and green tea extract to help the Tru Face Line work more effectively. Check out Chantal Pharmaceuticals and learn how you can attain a healthy younger looking skin.