Monday, August 11, 2008

Label Maker By Dymo

Where did the summer gone? I haven’t really enjoyed it yet now I have to shop for school supplies and clothes (uniforms) for my children. I'm not really sure how can I stretched my dollars these days. The prices doubled since the last time I shop for school items. With four kids going to school this year, that would be a lot to spend on. Home schooling is looking very good right now. I went to see my friend today who home school her children. And the way she explain home schooling it sound very easy and have so many benefits.

But I don’t I’m ready for home schooling as of yet. To save money I will use DYMO Labelmaker to make sure anything that belongs to my kids will not get loss. My oldest son lost so many things, including one of his winter coats when he was in intermediate school. He tried to look at lost and found file but nothing. I can also use Dymo Labelmaker with their lunch bags, gym clothing, school books, home work labels, and school works. I can also use this to labels my spices and other things inside the house. Please visit for more information and check if they are available in your country. Yes they are global, it say so on their name.