Friday, August 8, 2008

Watch Out - Be Proactive

Identity theft is worldwide known scam for credit card consumers nowadays. That is why I don’t used credit card if I don’t have to. I know there are so many ways that they can get a hold of my information. Just by knowing my name, address, and phone number they can acquire credit in my name. And more than 40 million credit card numbers have stolen up to this day. I would be very angry if someone stolen my identity and ruin my credit rating. I would call my creditors right away and cancel every single credit card I have & let them know that my identity was stolen and don’t let any charges goes thru. Then I will call my bank to put a flag on my account or better close that account and open a new one. Set up a fraud alert on my behalf from the three credit bureaus, and enroll at life lock to monitor my credit. I know it will be hard to re-establish my credit but I need to do everything to get it back. I will not apply for credit cards anymore unless it’s a matter of life and death situation. Make sure you are protected with life lock, they will spend up to 1 million to make it right.