Friday, September 12, 2008

Brain Wash Americans

This post is towards one of my commentators. No I didn't publish his comments rather answer it this way. Did you ever watch any video about 9/11? Did you research both side or are you basing your opinion on the extreme media? You will not get an answer from the extreme media. You are one of these American that even it's already in front of you you still don't see it.

My DH friend works at the building next to the twin tower. They are a private company nothing to do with the government. Their building didn't drop by itself. Until now it is still standing and still being use. Can you explain to me on how other two building around twin tower collapse the way demolition is done. And the building that was my DH friend work didn't even budge.

Time will come and I hope you are still alive. I will be the first one to tell you that "I Told You So". Unless you the billionaires who runs this country. I doubt it because you will not be blogging like myself if you are. People like you makes this country the way it is now. You don't care about the constitution just like the politician who are the puppets of these billionaires.