Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fast Food Lover

We are very seldom to eat in fast food restaurant anymore. We only do it when we are traveling and short in time. We hardly buy food that are not organic and commercialize milk. I have a lot of vegetable in my garden and that is what we eat right now. It would not be for long because the cold weather is here at night.

Anyway, every time I passed a fast food place and see people there eating and even just turning from the main road I can't help but think on how these people destroying their health. All the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil they consume. A lot of people eat there three times a day. I know that this is very easy and cheap but they are killing themselves eating out in fast food restaurant.

Once in the blue would be fine, that is how my family do it. Planting and cooking your food is good for your health. I know not everyone can plant but at least cook it at home. Not only an exercise doing chores at home but home cook meal from scratch is the best for you. I also notice that cooking is a good exercise for my body. Because I worked for it, I am doing something not just sitting there wait for the the sound of microwave to telling me that the food is done.

Did you know that the president/chairman of FDA wanted to wipe out the American population by 85 or so percent? Look it up, you maybe surprise on what you will find out.

That is why I suggest to cook your own food and stay away from HFCS and P/FHO. And if you can't read the ingredient on food label do not eat it.


Jade said...

Same here - I think I have note eaten a hamburger for 2-3 months.
I amazed at some people who only always eats fast food...