Monday, September 8, 2008

Had A Busy Day

It's only Monday and I feel exhausted already. After dropping of the kids at the bus stop and driving my preschooler to his school I went to my shrink appointment. With my YDS in tow, he does not want to sit still. He is the typical 2 year old kid. The appointment wasn't very long but I think we waited for half hour to be seen. When I got back to my car, the people who parked behind me told me that they put in a quarter for me in the meter because the meter person was going to give me a ticket. I thank her but forgot to give her quarter back. I was in the hurry to go to pick up my preschooler. I made it in time, it took me at least half hour from my appointment to my DS school.

Then this afternoon we went to get his teeth (my preschooler) clean. This is his very first time going to the dentist and he was very good. The hygenist was very nice too. She show DS everything that she needed to use inside his mouth and she let him feel all of them too. I like her because she had so much patience in her. Plus the dentist was nice too. She gave some pointers on how to stop his thumb sucking. So we will try it and see if he will do it less and stop it all the way.

That was my busy.