Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home Organization

Organization is the key to run your morning smoothly on the school days. Having three small children that goes to school makes my morning hectic. I need to get their clothes for the day, breakfast, and lunches. Labeling their lunch bags makes it easier for me to know whose bag belong to whom. Not to mention their school works. I may end up putting the wrong file folders in the wrong backpack if I don’t put name tags on them. I also keep all the papers they bring home from school in the folders with their names on it to keep my desk clutter free. I don’t throw them away until the week is over.

I recommend Dymo products for all the busy mothers out there like myself. I may not pick up toys everyday but I do make sure that all my children school works and bills are put away. I have folders for everything because I hate seeing school papers and bills scattered anywhere in the house. Dymo help a lot at home organization. I can also use their labels maker to organize my kitchen, I love to cook and in cooking I need a lot of spices. I don’t need to memorize each spice, all I have to do is put a label on them to tell what they are. How about you? How do you organize your home?