Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me Myself And I

Just trying to show how long my hair was before I got it cut. I don't have any idea what kind of hair cut style I want. I told the cutter to cut it short, but I don't hink this is how short I want it. I want it shorter than the picture. She told me how about we start here and see if you like it. I hate when they d it that way. My YDS was with me and getting my 2 year entertain is very hard when I can't move much. Instead of getting it cut short this is what I end up. I guessed they are only allowed to cut certain inches for $

This one was taken in spring with enhanced eye color. So, my hair is longer than this picture. And I'm not tan here yet.

This is me now, actually this one was taken yesterday after chopping a good portion of my hair. And the picture has no enhancement, none whatsoever. But I have such tan skin here from soaking in the swimming during the hot summer.