Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movado Museum

How many watches do you own? The reason I’m asking because I only got one and I can only wear it during formal occasions. Plus I don’t wear any jewelry every day. I still remember when I was overseas, seeing these dependant wives of high ranking militaries. All I can say is “they are a walking jewelry store”. My husband and I own a few just for a special occasions, never to prance around just to show off. I guess that depends where in the world you are. And how they the people react on what you wear.

I would suggest to wear something like a Movado museum for everyday use. It is very simple and it does not attract attention at your wrist. The picture above would be the best for my skin tone. Gold does not look very nice on me because I am tan. And I would like the bottom image to be my formal wear watch. It is very elegant for formal occasions I’m planning to attend. It is a polished 14K white gold with diamonds. With the name Movado watches you can be sure its high fashion with soft, graceful and elegant lines. Movado time pieces evoke purity of design and quality Swiss craftsmanship.

Remember Movado when shopping for wrist watch and if you shop now you can get a free watch. Check it out my friends.