Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Preschooler First Day

I came in a little late because of traffic to pick up my preschooler today. As soon as I walked in the building seems empty already but I'm pretty sure I was 5 minutes late. While passing my DD old classroom someone started walking next to me. It was my DS! He was out of his classroom wondering by himself. And guessed what his teacher didn't even know that his parent is even here to picked him up. They don't have any idea that there is no parent that picked him up.

From what I understand they dismissed everyone at one time. I guessed they let them out at once to find their own parent. They never done that in the fast. They looked outside the door and see who's parent is out there waiting. Then they will call a child name. Not to mention that all the stuff are new this year. The teacher that was there last year are all gone. I'm not sure if they got all fired and hired new staff.

My son was almost in tears when he found me. I notice his eyes getting red already. Poor kid wondering for 5 minutes not knowing if I will come to get him. I might removed my child there, I don't know. They didn't even apologized for not knowing where my son was. I'm a little mad, I know it's my fault too because I was late, but come on. I like the way they release children last year. I missed the old staff, wondering where they are now, maybe they opened their own little school somewhere. Who knows.

This is what happens when I missed the orientation. I don't have any idea why everyone was gone, I could talk to the receptionist about it but I hardly see her. Probably only once a month, will she say something? I can only try.