Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh yea! Another Post

Anonymous said:
Rules are rules! They exist for a reason and apply to EVERYONE! That includes you.
Most people in the blogosphere do not want to be assaulted by other folks' music. Entrecard has now responded to that fact by modifying its guidelines. I applaud them for doing so.

And you will be the first one to vote for the internet regulation too. You and most people in these world. If you wanted to be control do not include me. You don't know how to live your life without rule, law, and people telling you what to do. You are these people who don't have self control to live free in this world. You are a robot, a puppet of these law maker who does not have any thing to do with the constitution.

Yes, Rules and Laws are made for a reason. To control people who likes to be controlled and are brained wash by the government. What happens to "for the people, by the people". Oh, I forgot because they are brained wash. They can't think for themselves anymore, just like you.

And wow, you came to visit again. I guess my crap is interesting enough for you because you keep coming back. It's official you don't have anything better to do with your life. And I'm liking it because I have something to write about.

Hey BK, thanks for the comment. Now I know I'm not the only one who did not receive the notice.


Jade said...

Hey girl,

Heheh Even if I am not always around, I do like your crap =)
I got something for you here, drop by when you get the chance.


Nedekcir said...

lol thanks jade.

Someone is picking an argument here, btw thanks.