Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only In United States

A lot of blog I have seen today have post about commemorating 9/11. What I would like to see is incarcerating all who are responsible starting with the president of this country. I know there are a so many money exchange with the whole thing. The rich people of this country own the politician. They are not happy with their billions anymore so they turn and start playing with American peoples lives.

They are the puppets of these billionaires. Who by the way got their billions from hard working Americans. And why these politicians not incarcerated, because they made the law nothing to do with the constitution that they are above the law. The SSS, IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, BANKS, POLICE AND MANY more are businesses. They don't have nothing, nothing to do with the US government. But yet had the power in the world to do what ever they want because WE THE CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY LET THEM.

So what happened to 13th Amendment? Can you see it listed in the list of Amendments? Why can't a Sheriff pull you over when you're speeding? Because there is nothing on the Constitution about pulling someone over when they are driving over the speed limit on the road. Why can a police pull you over? Because they are a business, they get paid when you pay that ticket. If they don't pull you over they are not going to get any money to pay themselves.

Wake up people, you are also the puppets of this businesses, politicians, and billionaires. This country was form because of immigrants from Europe. They escape the socialism and control now you want it just the same. Go back where you came from, I like to be free and I like the way this country was run under the constitution.

Stop remembering the 9/11, instead start putting these evil politicians to jail.