Saturday, September 27, 2008

Page Rank Updated

Another page rank update. I got mine yesterday after grabbing a few PR2 opps for my PR2 blog. Now that blog don't have a PR and some of my post is not approved yet. My guess those will not get approved and will be forced to delete because I will not get paid for it.

But it's not all bad news, this blog increase ranking from PR1 to PR2 (i'm glad). And my food blog got the PR3 back, I lost it in July and after three months its back again. Life is sweet, so for those who said that you will never get PR again after getting nothing, you are wrong. I got mine back.


kunthanrajan said...

hi not like that ..lossing and all is a matter of your have a good day....hi mind exchanging linksa..relp me if u ..and do click my ads..friend..i have done in u $$$

twinks said...

COngrats dear.
Glad to hear you got your PR back.. life is good indeed.
Have a great weekend :]

Karen said...

You should still get paid for the op. If a reviewer says no, simply put in the title of the op blank that you were at the PR 2 when you took the op and resubmit.