Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Saturday

It started very humid today then around 9am the shower started. I had to go out to get some stuff for the kids lunch for school. I will not be able to do it tomorrow because we are having treasure day. My PIL named it treasure day because one of my SIL is Jehovah's Witness and they are not allowed to have gift. And this is the only day we can give them gifts for every occasion and holidays.

Anyway 3 of my DC's decided that they want to come with me shopping and running errands. First stop was the bank, I needed cash for raw milk (we don't drink store bought milk of any kind). I was half way to the transaction and my preschooler wanted to go home already. I told so many times before leaving the house that he better not give me a hard time again. He promise he will be good. But like always he never kept his promise. So, the whole time we are shopping all I was doing was yelling at him. It's such a exhausting day. Why? Mind you it was raining outside.

We stop by where we buy the raw milk (last stop), it took her about 15 minutes to do the process. I guessed the milk needed to be cold (our friend, her son probably just brought the milk back not to long ago because DH called him before I left the house and said he was still milking the cows) before she can sell it to me. The whole time we were waiting they are complaining and wanted to get out of the car. Did I say it was raining?

It supposed to be a day out of the house relaxing but nope. Stressed is more like it, why can't they listened without me raising my voice. They only listened when I yell at them...argh.


twinks said...

It didn't rain today here. But it rained yesterday. I love rain once in a while. I love the after-rain smell.hehehe

take care :]