Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School Nurse Called

As soon as I saw the phone number on my caller ID, I was certain that my 7 year old son is sick again. But I was wrong, it's not my picky eater this time. It was DD who vomit all over herself. She told me that she ate to fast that is why so vomit.

Every time something happened to any of them out side of our house I'm always thinking that I should keep them at home. So, even if they get sick they are already home. All they have to do is lay down and rest.

And what's up with rotating pencil at school? That was never a problem when I was in school...(gazillion year ago lol). They don't care how you write or erase. All they care is to passed all the subjects we are taking. Why is a kid not allowed to pass the pencil to the other hand to erase something? Why do they need to learn to rotate it in one hand? I'm lost here, they care more about the ability of a kid to hold a pencil than arithmetic, reading and writing.

Control, it's all about control.