Thursday, September 25, 2008

Voice Broadcasting

Every time that there is something going on in my elementary school I get a call, reminding me of an occasion. Actually on Monday I got a call from the school principal, reminding me to not forget to sign up on the volunteer program they have running right now. Then I start talking and she keeps talking. I realized it was pre-recorded messages just like Voice Broadcast from The PTO in my children school is using the same thing. I think even collection agencies used this kind of program too.

For those of you who don’t know what voice broadcasting or robo calling check this out. This is an internet technique which allows you to make a lot of phone call across the web at one time. You can broadcast one voice message to numbers of people (mass communication). It is very easy to use and this is design to use in politics, mortgages, satellites, travel, debt, and health systems. They are available to small and large businesses. If you do at lot of phone messages this is a great company to have. Your messages can be done professionally and have it store for later use. You can always click on the links to learn more about this product.