Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wear Smart Glove for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Working in the restaurant as a manager brings a lot of responsibilities. From ordering, scheduling, cost control, and managing and so much more. Using keyboard and calculator is necessary on hourly basis. So, I developed a numbness and tingling feeling in my palm. I knew exactly what it was, because my co-manager had the same thing. She told me that she had an operation done but it came back after a few months. Getting an operation is out of the question because of what she said. If I would get it done I want the outcome to be good.

So instead of a surgery, I bought a two pairs of (because they get wet and I need to wear them all the time) Smart Glove for carpal tunnel relief. Wearing these gloves gives me the necessary carpal tunnel relief to do my job. I quit that managerial job and worked for a financial institution and I still need to wear them while working. I need to make sure that my wrist resting comfortable by using the smart gloves and wrist cushions for the mouse and keyboard. Did you know that they guarantee the gloves up to one year? If you find it not helping your wrists return it for exchange or refund. And if the store does not accept return, you can email Imak Products customer care. And to learn more about this product, please follow the links above.