Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bedroom Furnitures

I love bedroom furniture’s, and I wish I can have it done just like the pictures in a furniture magazines. Right now I have cherry color head board, foot board, dresser & mirror, and chest. It would look really nice if I can add two lamp stands at both ends of the bed, and also some soft chairs with cherry color wood finish for reading. My computer desk is already cherry wood color, which will work just fine. My husband thought that I paid a lot of money for it. He said that it looks like antique, but they are not. The cherry color makes it look like antique.

If you are like me who like bedroom furniture, please check out John Lewis Bedrooms furniture in UK. They have beds for children, adults, and guests. Their furniture allows you to keep your clutter hidden and you only need to get it out when you require it. After all, storage is the number one concern in most bedrooms with the linens, clothes, and numerous other items that make their way to the bedroom. Just like mine, I hide everything that is breakable in my bedroom. I can’t display them right now because of my little children.

When you decide to buy the best, including mattresses, seek out John Lewis furniture. They are committed to providing you with the modern ideas that are require for today’s bedroom while furnishing quality as well.