Friday, October 24, 2008


Before DD left the school, her teacher asked all the parents if we would like to exchange addresses for the class birthdays. Just in case they wanted to invite their classmates to ones birthday party.

Since DD stayed home to learn, she received two birthday party invites. One will be next weekend and the the second one is on the 15th. I am glad that even though she is home school she can still attend her old classmates birthday parties, and be around other kids her age.

Btw, we are getting better every day. When she gets prostrated and don't want to do her school works, I will say "we're going to be doing this until you go to bed" and she moved. Believe me, I don't like teaching her all day. But when it comes to it, we have to do it all day. I'm hoping we don't come to that. I need to be firm with the rules. And sometimes I need to raise my voice to get my point across.

But over all we are doing fine. I hope next time I can say, we are doing fantastic. Have a great weekend my blogger friends. I need so much rest this weekend, I'm beat.