Saturday, October 4, 2008

Have You Notice...

Interesting read from Nancy Levant of, about Martial Law. See I am not making this up. Other people will notice it too. And have you read about this concentration camps/civilian jails that are build by military. Why? We have civilian jails all over. There is something going on, watch out for it. Are you married to a US soldier, police, sheriff, marshals? Please make sure you are in the correct side. Because they will kill a lot of innocent people and people who are trying to protect our constitution. If you think that talking about the wrong doings of our politicians are wrong, educating the American people of the politician wrong doing is wrong, you are in the wrong side.

Back to my title, have you notice any weird convoy vehicles in your local highways these days? And my DH friend saw it today for the first time. What I saw is these vehicles below (smaller than this one), escorted by white SUV and white car with official license plates and with drivers in black uniform just like swats team uniforms.

My DH friend saw a weird looking black SUV's driving at the same highway where I saw what I mentioned above. It here, they are already deploying the troops in our own backyard. Watch out for it and vote against it. Wake up for those of you that are still sleeping, and pretending that our government will never harm it's own citizens.

And next time I'll make sure that I have my camera ready when driving in the highway to get a picture of these convoy I am talking about.