Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homogenizing Raw Milk Kills Everything In It

Free range and grass feed. They can moved freely and there is no way of contaminating the milk production.

Homogenization is a process to prevent or delay natural separation of cream from the rest of the emulsion. The fat in milk normally separates from the water and collects at the top. Homogenization breaks the fat into smaller sizes so it no longer separates, allowing the sale of non-separating 1%, 2%, and whole milk. This is accomplished by forcing the milk at high pressure through small orifices.

Another method of homogenization uses extruders, hammermills, or colloid mills to mill (grind) solids.

So, pasteurizing our raw milk is not enough. Commercialize farmers needs to homogenized it too to kill what ever is left that are good and bad for the human body. Not only that, they will also add non natural ingredients to it.

Solution: stop the commercialization of milk.There a lot of farmer in this world to supply milk to about everyone. Supporting your local farmers is the place to start. If a farmer have enough land for the cows to grace, there is no way that raw milk will get contaminated with e-coli and such. But if they have limited space, that's where the problem begins. Natural food are good for everyone. Once you alter mother natures given gift, they are not good anymore.
Commercialized, they just lay there and wait to be feed. Laying on their own feces, this where they get all the contaminated.

No wonder that there are so much people in this country that are diabetic and have heart diseases. The fat content in raw milk are good for you. Destroying the fat in to smaller pieces is not good. And removing the cream in raw milk is not the best either.

Organic milk that are sold in store is not healthy, if they are pasteurized and homogenized. Then again you will not find raw milk in any grocery store in this country. You are better off buying it from your local farmers.

Stay away from any commercialized products, in my opinion. Support anything that are natural.


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