Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Harvest

We are calling for frost this evening, so I went out to my garden and took every thing that can be eaten. I got two gourds (upo), 4 corns, a few string beans (sitaw) and a lot of bell peppers. I left my sweet potatoes, since they are under ground I don't have to worry about them turning into potatocycle. Now my veggie garden is empty, all you can see are the weeds that are growing like crazy.

I will blanched these gourds and freeze them for later use. I still have half of the other one, still waiting to be cook in my fridge.

I can make some home made spaghetti sauce with these peppers, I think. I'm not a pepper person, but I like them mixed with other stuff. Or maybe we can have stuff peppers for dinner today...hmmm.


Jade said...

That's a nice looking upo. Was it easy to grow- I do plan to have a veggie garden too when we move back to the Ph.

Stuff peppers sound good for me....Mmmm.

Nedekcir said...

Yes, it's easy to grow. Just make sure you have rich soil and plenty of water.