Thursday, October 16, 2008

Materials And Hardwares Received

There is no backing out now, I got all the materials and hardware needed for my DD home schooling. I got the hardware yesterday and the materials came in today. If we can finish setting this up this weekend, I will start her on Monday.

We need to run another Ethernet cable to my bedroom, re-arrange our bed and set up the desk for her. I am bidding on a commercial desk on e-bay right now. Hoping to win it, if not we need to pick one up from my local store. This item can make 10 cubicles, later on we will use 4 of them. (for my 4 DC) And we can probably use the rest for DH and other computers in the house, and throw all the process wood desks away.

With this new computer, now we have 8 total in the house including the laptop. More than enough for everyone, we are only 7. When my DS gets approved in home school we are going to have 9 computers and 3 printers. Now, I need to teach them fast to help me blogging and grabbing opps...he he he.

I will set their classroom in my bedroom because we have the biggest bedroom in the house, and they are not allowed to come in unless I'm with them. We planned on putting it in the living room but we figure that the little ones will not leave it alone and break something. Mind you, this hardware are only here for school work. We are kinda using it for free, well our school tax is paying for it.

That's it for now, I will visit all of you whenever I have time. Wish me luck! And I will post a picture as soon as we set it up.


Euroangel said...

hey friend visiting wishing you luck too..have fun!!

Allen's Darling said...

Hi ATe Eden

Wow, very lucky children. Congrats.

Just passing by here...

Ria said...

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes =)