Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Very First Sponsor Contest

I am one of the sponsors of PinayMama's Diary One Year Blogversary Contest. If you like to join please follow PinayMama's Diary One Year Blogversary.

Check Out The Prizes:

  • 1 major winner of a gorgeous multi-colored scarf (sponsored by Me) Plus, a 2,000 EC credits (sponsored by Everything Has A Reason) Plus, 1 month free 125X125 ad space sponsored by Aeirin of Biz-N-Honey

  • 1 winner of $5.00 (sponsored by Mommy Jona of Beauty of Life) Plus, a free ad space 125X125 for a month and a 1,000 EC credits (Sponsored by Praning's Shoutout.)
  • 1 winner of 1,000 EC credits. Plus, a Customize Layout (blogger platform) (sponsored by Ms. Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space.)


Jade said...

Looks like a great contest.I am joining soon.

Great new look by the way!

Anna said...

Love the new template! It's gorgeous!

twinks said...

I first sponsor contest too!
Love your new layout..
madam Carlota did a great job.
Happy weekend :]

Nedekcir said...

Thanks to all the messages. Yes, ms. carlota did a great job with my new template. I love it.