Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Online Much

Thank you everyone for still coming by and dropping on my card. I can only get a few minutes spend on any of my blog these days, my apology. I think not having a page rank is a plus, because I don't have time to write so many paid post.

I am getting the hang of home school. All I have to do is follow the teacher guides and all the direction. But I have to do most of the reading for my Kindergarten, because the words she know is very limited.

She learned /m/, /t/, /n/, /p/, /long e/, and /h/ sounds so far. Did I mention she loves art and anything the is associated with it?


Jolene said...

I highly recommend for kids learning the alphabet and how to read. It's a great site!

Nedekcir said...

Thanks Jolene, she loves starfall also.