Friday, October 10, 2008

Pasteurized Milk...Bad

Do we really need to pasteurized our milk? A lot of you will strongly say, yes but in my case, i will say no. Do you even know what pasteurization do to raw milk? Yes, I understand that most of you don't want to consume certain disease-carrying germs and would like to make it last longer. But how come our grandparents live that long without any problem with raw milk?

If you want your milk pasteurize do not make it mandatory that everyone has to drink the same thing. I like my milk raw and organic, not these commercialize milk came from cows that hardly moved from where they are standing, shots with milk producing hormones that are not good for humans health.

Free range, grass feed, hormone free cows milk is the best. I don't care what the House of Common said, pasteurizing milk will destroy some nutritious constituents. Destroying part of the vitamin C contained in raw milk, encouraging growth of harmful bacteria. Pasteurization also turns the sugar of milk, known as lactose into beta-lactose, which is far more soluble and therefore more rapidly absorbed in the system, with the result that the child or the consumer becomes hungry faster.

The worst offense in pasteurization is that it makes insoluble the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk. This frequently leads to rickets, bad teeth, and nervous troubles, for sufficient calcium content is vital to children. And with the loss of phosphorus also associated with calcium, bone and brain formation suffer serious setbacks.

Pasteurization also destroys 20 percent of the iodine present in raw milk, causes constipation and generally takes from the milk its most vital qualities.

Commercialize milk needs pasteurization simply because the cows are walking on their own feces. Support your local farmers and vote against pasteurization and homogenizing raw milk.


Jade said...

I would prefer fresh milk too when we live in the PH.

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Nedekcir said...

Thanks Jade, I will check it out.