Friday, October 24, 2008

Personalized Christmas Cards

It is time of the year again, to have the whole family to get a picture taken. We always do this around October, to make sure we have enough time to get it. And if something did not come out right, we still have enough time to re-do the whole process. My husband and I are not in the picture most of the time. Plus my husband doesn’t want it when I suggest that we should wear something similar. I think it’s really cute when the whole family dress up in the same color for a Personalized Christmas Cards.

We usually do this at our local photographers. I always make sure that the kids are not tired and hungry when getting their pictures taken. But it doesn’t always go the way I planned it. So, this year we will try to take their picture at home, and edit it with my picture editor. We are thinking about using Vista Print for our Christmas Cards this year. We don’t need to leave the house to get it done and there is no stress for me and the kids. I hate waiting for our turn and telling the kids to stop running around in our local studio.
Visit Vista Print for you Holiday Card needs. You can get you cards as soon as three days. They have the lowest price with satisfaction guarantee.