Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks To DH

Tomorrow my DD is going to a field trip with her class, and her teacher ask me to chaperon because my DD has a peanut allergy. I wrote her a letter saying "I can go but not as a chaperon because I have to take her 2 younger siblings with me. And I have to follow the bus." She did not answer my letter ans I assume that she agree with it.

DH told me that no answer does not means that she agree. So, I sent a note this morning asking her to call me about the trip tomorrow. Sure enough DH was right, now I have learn something new today.

I'm happy to, because I don't need to take off my DS from his class tomorrow. I know he rather hang out with me, but he needs to be with other kids his age. Plus I'm paying for it, missing the class does not mean that I get some credit.

Just a regular day for us tomorrow.