Tuesday, November 11, 2008


K12 knows that I also home school a Kindergarten. That means I can't leave her alone on her own because she can't read very well yet. Now they called me up to set up an appointment for my DS IEP. To my surprise she doesn't have any other appointment but in the middle of the day. Meaning we are half way to my DD class. Why can't they give me and appointment like 2pm? I never like being bothered by a phone and such when we are in class. I hate it, I even yell at DH when he does it to me. Furthermore, I bet if I tell her that I can't do the time she gives me, she will say that she doesn't have the time I wanted for at least a month. Ridiculous.

Plus, all the orientation they have is the same thing. Not to mention the days out for the kids. Is that means that they are excused from the class that whole day, and we don't need to catch up afterwards? I rather do everything first then, have fun later in the day.

I don't think I will ever let my DC attend any of these days out. We can always go to the park for these days out after they are finished with their classes.