Sunday, November 16, 2008

Avoid Flu Shot With One Vitamin

Who amongst you gets flu shot every year? Are your newborn and other children gets them every year? You may want to watch this video before doing so. Thank god DH have the brain to not let the hospitals and pediatrician touch our children.

Flu shot DOES NOT prevent or AVOID getting a flu. You probably all know about it but just keep making excuses not to get it. Sun is the main factor why we are getting the flu during winter. Not because we don't get the flu shot. How stupid can you get?

Do you even know what they put with these vaccine? You may as well shot all the illegal drug on your body, because the outcome will be the same. And for those mothers out there who are mad to those kids who does not get vaccine...why? Since you believe that vaccine can prevent diseases you don't need to worry about your kids catching anything, do you. The kids that are not vaccinated are the one need to worry about the diseases when there is an outbreak in their school.

I think those people who are pro vaccine are the same people who thinks that everyone in this country should be equal, and believe that everyone should have a health insurance even if they don't have any money for pay for it. Sure, if you are willing to pay for it, give it to those who don't have it. But don't ask me to pay for people who can't even get a job and just live on welfare. The government does not pay for it...ok so tell me where they are getting the fund for it?

Sugar coating does not help our economy, and people like them does not help either.