Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do Flu Shot Works?

This man called up one of flu shot vaccine manufacturer, asking if the flu shot contains mercury. And you know what, the mercury was put in this vaccine for preservative. I don't know why people who get the flu shot keep insisting that it helps. Even the person who work for this manufacturer don't get this shot.

How much more mercury will they put in their body before they realize that this thing will never help them. That you need to eat healthy, exercise and take vitamins to prevent flu. If you only drink soda and eat in a fast food restaurants, you are a goner. Then they will get surprise when they have kids, and their kids are sick. They know that there is no history of any diseases in their family and now her child is sick. Think back on what you put into your body before saying "i don't know". It's all about money folks, as long as there are money in the world human kind will keep inventing drugs that are not necessary. You would think they are already earning billion that they should stop...a big fat NO. It's all about money and power over those who are weak.


basiliki said...

I agree with you, in fact I decided not to give my son the flu shot this year and this was per the advice of a friend of mine who works for his pediatrician! I really like your site by the way. Wanted to let you know I'm passing on the LEMONADE AWARD to you. Drop by my SITE to pick it up, and make sure it pass it along to ten well deserving blog favorites.

Mizé said...

Hi. I agree too. I didn´t know the flu shot has mercury, that´s letal in higher doses.
I never took a flu shot, and since I learned we´re actualy getting the flu bug, I quickly changed my mind.

I´m a bit late on posting your award but it´s not forgoten.
A good thursday.