Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Don't forget to vote today my fellow Americans. We may not have a better choice for president but there's always questioners on the very top, you can answer that instead. Make sure to vote for people you know. Did you do your homework and research every candidates? Do you know their voting records?

I will admit that I am not voting for president this year. And I am not picking the less evil from the two either. In my opinion they don't deserve my vote. They only say what the people want to hear and after getting their votes same old stuff all over again.

This country started as a Republic and turning fast into Socialist, because a lot of Americans depend too much to others rather than themselves. I do like the comic cartoon I found in a blog showing children trick or treating and the man giving out candy saw that few of the kids have a lot of candy. He then told them that he is taking some of it and giving it to those who have less. One kid had a thought bubble saying "he must be Democrat". There are also Republican thinks that way. We call them the "Neo-Republican". And we (DH and I) belong to the farthest right of the right wing. We are the conservative of all conservatives. You may not think so because of my blog but this is a money maker blog. I know DH already say that "this blog should be a part of the solution not to be part of the problem. But it's hard, I do swallow my beliefs when it comes to my children with this blog. If I don't have any children I will never take paid post that are against my beliefs.

Anyway, don't forget to vote to change this country for the better. Then again it depends who you ask.


Allen's Darling said...


Why don't you give your vote to someone you think is better than someone. Huh confusing....Your one vote will make difference. Don't you think so? Just my thought Ate, Salute me sa u coz your so brave eh. Your very brave to face and stand what you think is right.

Kudos -):