Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashionable Maternity Clothes

You all know that I have five children, and having five children I went through a lot of maternity clothes. Furthermore, when I was pregnant I was working and had money to buy stylish maternity clothes. A few of our members at the financial institution I worked at thought that I am getting fat, because of my loose clothing. It’s not a very nice complement to obtained while pregnant. I think I would be just fine if they say I’m pregnant than saying I am fat. People can be a roughshod sometimes, don’t get me wrong I done it a few times in my lifetime (huh! I’m only human...he he he). However those words better keep unsaid.

The images (Are borrowed from Due maternity) I added to this post are close to what my outfits look like, when I was on the family way. Most of my tops are pastel and the bottoms are dark colors. I am not into dresses when pregnant and I only wore a dress once on our company’s Christmas party. The reason behind it was I look taller in slacks than a dress (I think lol). I wish I have known about Due maternity before. I love their collections and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who is pregnant. And don't forget the to use the code "BLOG1" to get a free shipping this holiday season.


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Ate Eden

Wow pregnant women will be looking great with these gorgeous design of maternity clothes.

See yah.